How to Get to Nazaki Beach Hotel

We extend our dedicated care to our guests right from the very beginning.

Your first step is to ensure your international flight destination is Maldives International Airport (Velana International Airport), conveniently situated next to the capital city, Male’.

Upon your arrival at Maldives International Airport, our attentive hotel staff will be waiting for you at the exit, ready to assist you after you’ve collected your luggage and exited the arrival area.

Subsequently, our staff will accompany you to the hotel transfer terminal, where you will board your connecting flight to Kadhdhoo (KDO), the island where our hotel is situated.

Our chosen transfer flight operator is ( We will organise your transfer when we get all the necessary informations from you.

Maldives International Airport → Kadhdhoo (KDO), Laamu Atoll

It’s important to note that if your international flight to Maldives experiences a last-minute delay, you can simply inform us of your revised departure time via WhatsApp or Viber. We will then make the necessary arrangements to reschedule your transfer flight, ensuring it aligns with your updated arrival time in Maldives. Your comfort and convenience are our top priorities.

Directions to Nazaki Residences Beach Hotel Maldives

Once your transfer flight arrive at Kadhdhoo (KDO)

Our attentive staff will be at the ready, waiting to greet you upon your arrival at the airport. Our hotel vehicle will be standing by to transport you directly to our establishment. It’s worth noting that if you’ve arranged your transfer flight through us, this vehicle transfer is provided to you at no additional cost. 

Upon your arrival at our hotel, we extend a warm welcome to you. As part of our hospitality, you’ll be treated to a complimentary, refreshing drink while we efficiently process your hotel check-in, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable start to your stay.