Nazaki Residences


How to Get to Nazaki Residences Beach Hotel , Maldives

We look after our guests from the first day.

It does not matter where in the world you are coming from, contact us and let us help  you plan your arrival and stay at our hotel. After you have booked your room or holiday package with us, it is understandable that you might be a bit concerned about the hotel transfer flight. Do not worry, as we are here to make your holiday with us as easy as possible. 

First you need to make sure you international flight arrival destination is to Maldives International Airport (Velana International Airport) which is next to the capital city Male’. 

Once your flight lands in Maldives International Airport, our hotel staff will be waiting for you at the exit after you get your luggage and come out. 

Next our staff will guide you to the hotel transfer terminal to catch your transfer flight to the island Kadhdhoo (KDO) where our hotel is located.

The transfer flight operator is ( You can buy the transfer flight directly from them or buy through us for a special discount given only to our hotel guests. Meantime have a look at the map below to see how to get to our hotel.

Maldives International Airport  –> Kadhdhoo (KDO), Laamu Atoll

Please note that if you purchase the transfer ticket with us, then if your international flight to Maldives gets delayed last minute, you can just let us know your new departure time via WhatsApp or Viber about the delay, and we will work to reschedule your transfer flight according to your new arrival time to Maldives. 

Directions to Nazaki Residences Beach Hotel Maldives

Once your transfer flight arrive at Kadhdhoo (KDO) Our staff will waiting for you with hotel vehicle to take you to our hotel. Please note that if you go purchase the transfer flight through us, this vehicle transfer is free. If you have purchased the transfer flight directly with the flight operator, then you will be charged a small fee of $30 per vehicle transfer from Kadhdhoo (KDO) airport to hotel. Maximum 4 adults can fit into the vehicle at one time. 

Once you arrive at our hotel, you will be welcomed with a free complimentary fresh drink, while your hotel check-in is processed. 

We are here to help our guests. So if you have any questions about our hotel or would like to customize your holiday with us. Please contact us and share your ideas and we will try our best to see what can be done. If you are celebrating a birthday or anniversary, please let us know in advance as well and give us some idea of what you would like to be done to celebrate it at the hotel.